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Its me again, requesting feedback again!

As you all well, probably know, Lilywater updated a few days ago. Thanks to all for your opinions on it!

This actually spurred from a few of you suggesting I make a FAQ (there is one, as far as art/site usage goes: its right here).

I think it'd be a good idea if I made a FAQ for questions actually about Lilywater, and not just for the usage of stuff on my site (though that one will of course, stay up too).

The thing ? Lilywater's mine. So I don't have any questions !

What I want to know from YOU guys, is what kind of questions would you like to see answered on an FAQ?

Without your help on this I really can't make one, and I'll just assume everyone knows everything. So please, if you could, respond to this message and give me a few ideas for what you'd like to see?

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