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Good afternoon, everyone ^_^

Well, for those of you curious and interested, yes, I will be working on Lilywater updates throughout the week, and it will be updated and revamped by the first of February (I hope)

The theme is staying the same, but will upgrade versions as I'll be doing a lot of editing. So here's what will be added / taken down / switched around and such.

Feedback on all of this would be most appreciated ^_^

#1 - whee, lots of things will be removed. I'm taking advice you all have given me (mostly Mattie, thank you ^^) and basically, anything not related to the main Rains of Destiny storyline will be taken down. This includes mostly artwork - my holt/EQ works, the Life in General sketches, etc. All non-related Lilywater gift art I've done will remain up there. I'll just make a gifts-out section again. I'm confusing myself ^^;

#2 - all shounen ai / yaoi content that isn't Johan/Rivendel will be moved to Engel av Kj�lighet when it opens, on Valentine's Day. With the exception, really, of Jakah and Rin, who were lovers LONG before my main storyline, the only real canon couple in RoD is Johan and Rivendel, so they get to stay. In case you didn't know, Engel av Kj�lighet will be my shounen ai page. 'Tis why its getting moved.

#3 - my other art.. I don't know. I might add an art section to Whispers in the Rain, since its my personal site, and put my other art plus photographs and the like up there. What do you guys think of this?

#4 - everything about Magelus is getting taken down, as Magelus now has its own site (that you all should go see.. XD) .. this is to avoid the confusion that Magelus is part of Lilywater, which it is um.. not

#5 - a commissions / prints section will be added as most of you liked this suggestion. I'm working on that now, and therefor, all my full CG works on Lilywater are being replaced with ones with higher JPEG compression so cheap asses can't print them off themselves.. XD

#6 - a separate story section will be added - also after Mattie's suggestion (Mattie, you're my muse!) . It will be an updated bi-montly (about 500 words an update) story series, mostly lining out the lost time period between the Alarian Crisis and Child of the Butterfly.. it'll be fun XD

#7 - "you will be taken to a place made entirely of spoons.. I like spoons..." -Gir

Anyway, that's it as far as my ideas go right now. So what do you guys think of this, and do you have anything to say/add/eat/etc?

Thanks for all your support as always!

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