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Spring contest!

{Okay, I'm rewording this entire entry to make more sense. But the contest remains the same}

I'm currently planning a little layout change for Lilywater version 4.5 - a Spring version. The layout will stay pretty similar, but colours and mood will be changed. And as it is with every layout, its time to recycle which character is the star.

Of course, I wouldn't mind Rivendel up there all the time, but that's just me.

So, I'm holding a contest to determine the new layout, and its up to all of you guys to pick how it will look! Here's the idea.

The new version will, of course, revolve around spring. And although I have some ideas in my head, I want this to be something the fans chose instead of the evil webmistress. The task?

Pick out which character from the cast list at Lilywater you think best represents spring. Tell me who, and give me a few lines as to why you think that particular character is the element of the season Spring.

You can either post a reply to this entry with your ideas, or you can drop me an e-mail to If you e-mail me, be sure to include your name!

There is ONE thing however: Summer and Rivendel are both inelegable for the contest.

The contest will run until March 16th - the last time I will update Lilywater as version: Bittersweet Innocence. The winner of the contest will receive a personalized drawing of the character they picked, as well as an entire Lilywater layout dedicated to their idea. How neat is that?

And to be sweet, the runner-up will also receive a personalized drawing of the character they picked as well.

I'm anxious and excited to hear your ideas on this, so please participate and give me your thoughts! Looking forward to hearing more!

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