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Mweep! Little happy things.

So today I'm going to start the sketches for the Lilywater t-shirts, because I have some ideas for them ^_^ So far, after looking at both my storyline and what people wanted to see, I do intend to :

1) Make a Rivendel shirt (duh)

and 2) Make a Summer/Stormer shirt (as they're the real main characters, not Riv)

Okay so here's the question: What other specific CHARACTERS would you like to see? Main characters only please, not ones that appeared in one novel for 5 pages (or something). And give me the character and if you have any idea for setting or whatever. The pictures aren't going to have BGs, because they'll look better, but I still think they'll be cute XD So give me your ideas and opinions and off I go to make them!
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