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Question for the people still out there *whispers* hellooooo?

Hey everyone ^^;

I do have a reason for writing in this journal today.. an important one. If you couldn't tell by the lack of updates (or art/writing), I've fallen out of Lilywater in the past months. I'm not really sure why.. but the truth is, I love my elves and my world still and always. That's why I'm writing.

I want need to know what kind of things you'd like to see in Lilywater. Yes, the you that's reading this right now. What kind of plot twists, character aditions, information, do you want to see happen, or want to know about?

Post your ideas here.. either in comments, or post to the community itself so everyone can give input ^_^ But please! Help me! *Bows* i'm at your beck and call with this ^^; Thanks guys!
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