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Hey there everyone!

Welcome to the official Lilywater live journal community! Thanks all for joining. You guys rock my socks.

A big, huge, lovely thanks to the wonderful catchmyclover for creating this community! It was a great surprise and a wonderful one, so lots of hugs and love and stuff.

Feel free to post any and all things Lilywater - art, stories, what have you. Also, if you have any questions about Lilywater, post them here! I love to answer stuff like that. really ^_^

Right now, the site is down, unfortunatly, as the wonderful horrible folks at Digital Crap Biz have deleted my server. Whee! I'm checking into a new server now and hopefully Lilywater will be back up shortly into the new year! I'll be sure to let you know when here ^_^

Anyway, post away, thanks for joining, and lets all have a great time here!

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