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ohayou gozaimasu, minna!

Well here we are, yes.

I just gave the Lilywater Live Journal its own layout, so be sure to check it out! its simple, but cute, IMHO ^_~

my real reason for posting here today, is I'm looking for ideas.

As you probably know/heard/whatever, Lilywater is on a short hiatus for me to gather my thoughts. And that's where you come in. Lilywater is well.. very little without your support.

So I want to know what you guys want to see on Lilywater when it returns.

The Magelus section will be shortened off - it will still be there, but Magelus is getting his own home page shortly, so it'll basically be a big link to that ^_~

I am thinking of adding a section for wallpapers, winamp skins, and browser skins (if anyone uses these. I do, but that's a personal thing). All those little extras that can be fun.

Also, I've had this suggestion from some, but I'm asking for an opinion.. Lilywater costs money to run, by paying my web hosting company, buying art supplies, etc. (yes, art supplies are expensive). I don't want to put up one of those Amazon honesty things or a pay pal "tip" jar. I have, however, been told that my artwork is good enough where I could get away with putting up a section for commissions and selling glossy prints of my CGed work.

What do you guys think about this? I trust your opinions, and I'm curious as to if you'd think people would really be interested in such a thing, and also how much you think I should charge. Lilywater is getting more and more hits every day (thank you!) so it could be worth a try?

And finally, I want to know how you all like the new layout of the galleries - with the smaller icons and such. I will be making the HTML windows into pop-ups as soon as I remember the code, which I think will be more organized. Also, do you like the style HTML i use?

And I've been told the layout looks good on resolutions other than 800x600 (what I use, sorry Becca ^_~) , which makes me quite happy ^_^

Anyway! Please give me your feedback/ideas/critisism/whatever , and thanks in advance.

And much love and thanks for your continued support!
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